Too Early for Christmas…? Nah!

Whether your favorite combination in life is Jingle Bells with a hint of eggnog and a dash chestnuts roasting on an open fire or you side more with Scrooge himself, there’s no denying that the holiday season is once again upon us. We should be also well aware that this means many people are more likely to be opening up their wallets (us included) to buy all the hottest gadgets, accessories, excursions or the latest and greatest toys on the market. What this should really signal to us is opportunity. This is the time to get noticed and get people checking out your services and ready to hit ‘buy now!’ Here are some great tips and strategies for your holiday marketing campaigns during the most wonderful time of the year.


Set a SMART goal
Don’t get too lost with all these crazy tactics unless you have a clear and defined plan. This may not be the most magical, tinsel laden part of the plan, but trust me, we’re getting there! A SMART goal stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based.
In order for your SMART goal to work, you need to have it start off by being rather specific. This means answering the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘where,’ ‘when,’ and ‘why.’ Once you’ve specified the goal, it needs to be measurable. You need to pick which metrics to track and how you will monitor the progress. The goal should also be something attainable. It’s important to set a goal that will not be too easy, but push your company to the next level. It should also be relevant or realistic to your business and future progress. Finally, your SMART goal should be time-based, meaning it needs a time-frame that creates a sense of urgency.
A few extra tips for your SMART goal is to begin by writing it down. You can’t just have wonderful ideas and goals floating around in your head. Get them all down on paper. Be sure to constantly review these goals, especially the results. Are you on track? Can you be doing better? It is ok to adjust your SMART goals, but be sure you clarify these with the team. Lastly, celebrate! When you’re able to start seeing your successes, you need to share that with everyone you know. It will definitely boost morale and encourage further achievements.

Get in the holiday spirit with social media
Sorry to all those Scrooge lovers out there, but you need to get into the holiday spirit first and foremost to drive sales. This means creating posts and content that directly relates to the holiday season. We’re talking reindeer with red noses, bells that jingle and yuletide logs. People go bananas for the holidays and they love to feel warm and cheery. Your social media needs to reflect this feeling and invite your customers to spread the holiday cheer by opening their wallets.
For starters, be mindful of dates. This means having appropriate messaging for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday along with the traditional and less traditional celebrations. Get your messages scheduled and arriving early. And, don’t forget your hashtags.
Your holiday social media campaign needs to be relevant and thoughtful. It could be a contest, a discount or a raffle, but you need to get your customers engaged and that usually means making them act or react. People also love comedy, cats and holiday trends. Speak to your customers. Get in their heads and bring on the holiday cheer!


  1. Personalized Promo Codes
    For all the small business retailers out there, promo codes are the way to go, especially personalized ones. It is an easy gift that you can give a select group of your special customers to give them some warm fuzzies this holiday season. Show your customers that you value their relationship and that their are part of an exclusive, members only club. 
  2. The final countdown
    If you’ve been scrolling through any Facebook or Instagram feed, you almost can’t miss some type of countdown to the holidays. Christmas lovers go nuts over how many Mondays are left before Old St. Nick shows up. You can countdown to the holiday itself or make a specialized countdown for your holiday deal.
    There’s even a free way to create a landing page with such a timer. Ontrapages provide an easy and free way to create a timer for your exclusive deal. The beauty with this timer is that it can stay visible past the deadline. If a customer clicks on the page past the due date, you can have them re-directed to another magical and jolly page of star wonder.
  3. Carry yourself through to January
    The best way to end your holiday campaign is to make sure it carries your business into the following year. January can be a tough time for sales, so your campaign should also begin to target that time. Part of your holiday goal should include building brand awareness, loyalty and engagement that lasts. Nurturing your new customers and audience is great way to gain even more sales when the holidays come about next year.


Even if your favorite jam isn’t Jingle Bell Rock, this is the time of year to let heaven and nature sing for your marketing campaign efforts. This is the time to introduce new tactics and enjoy a chance to jingle all the way. Sleigh bells are ringing, so we’re hoping you were listening to these holiday marketing campaign ideas.