Your NEW Small Business Marketing, Website Design, and PR Firm in Phoenix!

Your NEW Small Business Marketing, Website Design, and PR Firm in Phoenix!

Orion Sol Consulting was created as a Freelance Network to bring tenured Fortune 500 level talent, to American Small Businesses who are looking for PR, Social Media Marketing, Marketing, Advertising, Website Design, SEO and PPC services, but don’t have the budget to afford one of those trendy downtown firms.

Founded by Forest John Moriarty after working for over 12 years in the SEO, and Digital Marketing world, Orion Sol Consulting was born from his desire to bring the industry’s top talent to small business at a fraction of the cost they normally would pay.   Every Freelancer working with Orion Sol Consulting has to meet the strict criterion of having worked for a Fortune 500 company, having at least 10 years of experience in their field, and are now themselves a small business owner.    Why such strict guidelines for the freelancers?  Because with this combination of attributes, our freelancers are some of the industry’s best talent, who have a business acumen far exceeding the “20 something” college graduate working at a trendy downtown firms.  In addition, who better to serve small businesses than their fellow small business owners?

Website Design Services and Prices can fluctuate immensely based on how custom the design is, what sort of back end functionality is built into the site, and how many other programs or software need to be installed on them.  While Orion Sol Consulting’s is based in Phoenix Arizona, it’s website design freelancers are all over the United States.


Our Social Media Marketing and Management Services are more than just gathering likes and shares.  While engagement is important effectively generating new sales, new customers, and repeat business should always be the main goal.


Pay Per Click Management, or PPC is such an important starting point for many small businesses.  Orion Sol Consulting’s freelancers who handle this service were trained directly by Google, and so we have the edge when it comes to getting the best ROI for your tight budgets.


Nothing builds YOUR BRAND™ like a hot PR Company in Phoenix.  Orion Sol Consulting’s PR freelancers are based in the Valley of the Sun, but our experience and PR hits are national in scope.   Local News, Trade Publications, and National News can all be leveraged to help give a small business the reach of their larger competitors!


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has often been seen by many small business owners as “magic internet voodoo” that no one seems to understand, and while they know they need it, but they don’t like not knowing what they are buying!  Orion Sol Consulting will not only explain how SEO works, the steps needed to make it work, they show their work!  Just like in grade school, we show our work, every last detail, so the small business owner knows exactly what they are paying for, and if it is working.


Email Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing can leave top of mind impressions for your current or potential small business customers.  Doing this effectively and in a way that genuinely “wows!” your customer is key.  Orion Sol Consulting goes to great lengths to make sure we ignite their inbox, and mailbox!


If you are a small business owner in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or anywhere else in Arizona, Orion Sol Consulting will come to you!  If you are not in Arizona, we have freelancers all over the country who can help.   Reach out to us today, and see how our small business owners can help your small business!