You could be the most popular person in the world but without communication, popularity will quickly diminish. As the popular kid in your class, you have a lot of relationships to maintain and you might have a system in which you use to keep in-touch with all of your friends. When you are a business or brand you will utilize email marketing to communicate with your customers. Really, whether you are popular or not, communication is a necessity and for some businesses, email marketing is a shiny object they don’t touch.

Campaign Strategy

There’s a difference between swarming bees that won’t leave your side and bee’s that lightly touch the flower for pollen, an email campaign from the experts at Orion Sol Consulting know at what frequency to send emails so that your contacts won’t feel as though they are being followed by a swarm of bees.

All bee’s will produce great honey, it’s our job to ensure your marketing campaigns produce a profit as well.

Email Creation

You open your laptop to a pretty picture with lots of colors, maybe some movement and a shiny button that you just want to click on, this is how Orion Sol Consulting will design your emails. Chores are for kids that earn an allowance, emails shouldn’t be a chore, the Orion Team of experts’ craft emails so that they pleasing to read so that they are informational and highly targeted toward the reader.

A/B Testing

When visiting a new restaurant, you might see a few new things on the menu, some items come off, sometimes the font on the menu changes and so on, this is similar to A/B testing for email marketing. Without analyzing what customers are purchasing off the menu, you won’t get the right mix, with A/B testing the team analyzes which call to action buttons are getting the most conversions on your emails, which arrangement of text, images and call to action buttons create the best results and continuously make tweaks to email offers and design until the right mix of elements make your contacts convert or take action the fastest.

Prospect/Client Engagement

Re-surface your long lost friends that are sitting in email lists. Just like a friendship, email marketing is more successful when you reach out often. Calling only when you need something doesn’t usually have a good outcome, that’s how the Orion Sol Consulting team can be your right hand man; the team will engage your list using email marketing. Whether you want your friend (existing client) to buy more products or services from you or you want a new client, Orion Sol Consulting has email experts on hand to develop your email strategy.

Nurturing/Workflow Campaigns

All relationships need nurturing to grow, so does your database. To grow a healthy relationship, it’s best to keep in-touch, be generous, educate and more, that’s exactly what businesses need to deepen their existence with contacts in their database. But what happens if the other party isn’t putting in the effort like you are? Now, Orion Sol Consulting isn’t a relationship coach, but we do know how to create conditional based email nurturing campaigns so your brand doesn’t come across as pesty. As we said before, Orion Sol Consulting isn’t a relationship coach but the team certainly has a knowledgeable team that can keep even the largest databases engaged with your brand, new products and more.

Campaign Enhancement

Just as you are adding a live band to your next party, add email marketing to your next campaign, it will bring life to your brand. It’s like the difference between a DJ and a live band, it’s not splurging if you’re getting a better return on your investment… or better dance moves out of it. While we don’t want to say it, it seems to be true that when you’re feeling under the weather all you need is that personal touch, that homemade bowl of soup that makes your body feel better, let our team put that personal touch on your campaigns to help convert whatever it is that you’re offering. Our emails are personalized for each segment within the list you are marketing to so that each contact feels as though they are the only one on your list.

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