Through the twists and turns you’re driving through every day, it’s valuable to have a coach, a person who pushes you to keep going and guide you to success. There’s not much use in traveling down the beaten path where most of the opportunities are dried up. Sometimes all businesses need is some care and expertise when it comes to marketing.

That’s what the team at Orion Sol Consulting is there for. Let us make your business’s journey a bit more colorful, this is achieved with professional content creators and coders that have on average 10+ years of experience in their area of expertise. It’s time to create a journey for your business and its clients, pave a new road and bring your brand to life. With the internet, full of opportunities, are you taking full advantage of them?


Creating an image for your brand is a good step but without in-depth knowledge and understanding of best practices, it won’t go very far. Orion Sol Consulting works with each client to first ensure in-depth knowledge of the client’s business is established before starting any new project. A fast moving business, well suited to keep up with competition must take into consideration the complexities of marketing, SEO and strong content to build a flourishing online experience.

A new path is paved, let’s build the business you’ve been dreaming about!


When it comes to design, sometimes simplicity is more. While it looks simple to the eye, there are several important elements that work together to make your brand shine through the clutter.

Coding and backend development

Beauty is not only skin deep, there are many lines of code to create a great website. Typically websites are developed using a combination of templates and HTML, JavaScript or CSS which require professional website designers, let Orion Sol Consulting put our magic touch on it.

Site load time

When shopping through a grocery store you don’t typically stand in the longest line to check out. Similar to online search, you don’t wait around for more than a few seconds for the page to load. Websites need optimization to load ultra fast and provide a better online experience. Orion will ensure that your website is built for speed.


While we said beauty isn’t only skin deep…There is always a natural appreciation to visibly beautiful people and things. A website is the face of your business online, Orion will ensure your brand is reflective of your vision for it.


It might seem elementary or even a non-issue yet color plays a strong role in psychology. Use color to guide your users experience. Orion’s design team takes time in choosing the right color palette and placing color in effective areas of the page to ensure visitors convert to leads. The Orion team aligns colors so they create harmony and influence your site visitors to act. From font color, background color, button color, white space and more, Orion has the expertise to transform your site.

Font type

Be judgmental for a second, look at font type. Is it skinny, too skinny, fat or just right? The use of font size and type can be distracting to readers and often detracts from all of the content you worked hard on creating. Orion’s design team uses best practices when utilizing font type, color and size so your message gets conveyed and your brand is consistent.

Imagery and Creative

Picture walking through a dark alley, you might feel scared, uncomfortable and on alert. If that same alley way was filled with nice pictures or images of your favorite things, the experience would make you feel settled, happy and inspired. It’s important to use imagery, graphics and video to tell the story of your brand. Orion uses different creative to convey your brand’s purpose and appeal to your target audience. Our designers use a well thought out creative strategy so that your site is easily understood and attracts the audience it’s built for.


You’re driving through the hills of San Francisco, getting lost in its beauty. Even when you’re taking the scenic route, you still want to know where you’re going and what’s available to you. The same is true when perusing through the internet. The way your site is setup add a lot to the user’s experience. Bread crumbs and buttons can be used to enhance site navigation but too many clicks leave your readers lost. Orion’s web designers take your visitors on a journey where they will find everything they’ve been looking for.

Site Mobility

In the modern world we live in and love, comes with more options than we ever imagined. Sometimes success is all about being at the right place, at the right time. Going beyond responsive display is individual page selection and adding or removing elements so that your site appears no matter what device is being used. Orion Sol Consulting will work with you to create a mobile friendly website.

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