Imagine walking through a market, people are standing on the street offering you their product or service, handing you a flyer, do you read it or does it go straight in the garbage (or hopefully the recycling so it can be used again)? Digital content is targeted. Just as the perfect balanced meal, content should be balanced with relevancy, keywords and information so your readers find exactly what they were searching for and see your brand as a go-to on that topic. This is search engine optimization (SEO).

Think of crafting an exquisite meal, there are various elements that go into the meal and using quality ingredients makes for a quality result.

While Orion Sol Consulting isn’t a nutrition expert, the team does have years of experience mixing the right SEO recipe for quality content that results in quality leads.

You’ve sat down, ready to eat the beautiful meal that is in-front of you, after Orion Sol Consulting has fixed your plate of content, it not only reads well but is exactly what you had a craving for. It’s not proper to serve meat to vegetarians, similar to content, your SEO strategy should closely relate to the personas you are targeting. Only until after you know who you’re serving a meal to can you start mixing the ingredients for that special dinner.


The kitchen is stocked with all the cooking essentials as well as the fancy gadgets, now it’s time for Orion Sol Consulting to take the reins. The mixing and researching starts off any SEO strategy so the content is created using keywords that are optimized for your audience. The recipe can only be conducted after research is complete.

On-Page SEO

When you’re looking for a good meal, it should be easy to digest, content doesn’t need big fancy words as it doesn’t aid a good customer experience. Simplistic, informational and enticing content makes your site shine and shows that you’re the expert of your craft. Going back to eating the meal you’ve been craving, it’s important to remember that the ingredients need balance. Keyword stuffing will be seen by Google bots and will have a negative impact on your final product, the Orion Sol Consulting team knows the right ratio of information to keywords to create an optimized, yet informational site that converts.


Congratulations, you found a 4.5 star restaurant to eat dinner at while walking through the bustling streets of New York. Why doesn’t everyone attend the 5 star restaurant if cuisine, convenience, ambiance and money are no issue? Well… if you’re site takes too long to load or it’s not mobile friendly, customers will go to the next restaurant, this is what Orion Sol Consulting will help your business with. When walking through puddles and crowds, five seconds extra time to wait for a page to load is huge, good SEO includes the architecture of your site. Websites from Orion Sol Consulting are designed for speed, they are designed to be responsive across any device and they will give you the competitive edge you need to win!

Off-Page SEO

While you sit down to eat the beautiful meal that is exactly what you imagined, there are lots of ingredients and work that went into that behind the scenes. Similar to a beautiful meal, a beautiful website is optimized for search behind what you can see and read on the page. Behind the kitchen doors is the chef, this is where Orion Sol Consulting team resides to ensure your site is utilizing meta tags, alt tags, page title and more to enhance your sites ranking on search. The page still looks beautiful but it’s optimized so that robots can understand it too!

Link Building

You’re on a road trip to the most magnificent place, to make it simple you put the destination in your GPS device and begin your journey. Throughout the trip you take various roads to get to your destination faster, just as you were searching the web you start on one page, find a link to the next page and you keep going until you found exactly what you were looking for. Just as the GPS guides you through the twists and turns, so can websites with a strong linking strategy. After you get to your destination you trust your GPS device, you like traveling with it and you will use it again, this is exactly how you want search engines to feel about your site. Let Orion Sol Consulting take you on a link building journey.

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