The ocean is a monster and it has an ecosystem that can be intimidating for some but provides much abundance. It is nearly appropriate to say that the ocean is as intimidating as pay per click management if it’s not being managed by an expert. Instead of creating a black hole to throw your advertising spend, let Orion Sol Consulting help ensure your money spent on pay per click management converts into qualified leads.

There are lots of fish in the sea, let our team ensure you’re fishing for the right ones.

Your potential clients like searching the seas of Google, they like interacting on social media and they like clicking, let’s convert those clicks into business.

Search Engine Pay Per Click

When you’re on a deep sea fishing trip there are lots of different species of fish you can catch, but you don’t want all of them. Cast your line to attract the fish that bring you money, that you can sell to and make a profit. When you find a niche, cast your net and the fish will come, similar to Google advertisements, we will help you target your ideal client based on relevant keywords all the way down to where they live and how old they are. If your website can only be viewed from bottom feeders, Google pay per click marketing is a great way to get your site noticed and on the top of the page. Our team will organize your campaigns to deliver a high ROI.

Social Media Pay Per Click

The fish aren’t only swimming in the Google sea, they are scrolling through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, your brand should be everywhere. Whether your business is B2B or B2C you’re always targeting individuals, not businesses, it’s the businesses people that make the decisions and take action. Spend your bait on the clients you want to work with, they will bite. If you’re targeting a shark in Fiji, that has one child and likes food, we can find that group of sharks and turn them onto your brand.


Products and services come to life, they follow you everywhere, they haunt you until you finally break down and click on the ad because, let’s face it, you want it. That’s remarketing at its finest. As predictable as the sun rising in the east, remarketing will bring you qualified leads. Orion Sol Consulting will design remarketing campaigns, and create pages with lot’s of eye candy as click bait. It works.

Display Advertising

Pretty pictures everywhere…no they’re advertisements targeted toward what you love. Ever wonder why the internet is so smart? It’s not, it’s targeted display ad’s luring you in like a cold beverage on a hot summer day. Just like a close-knit community, Google has an enormous community of partner websites that enable your advertisements to show on sites that the people you are targeting are visiting. Show your pretty pictures and the viewers will click and convert with Orion Sol Consulting’s design experts.

Why use Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Speaking of abundance, you wouldn’t spend your money on bait that you know the fish might not like; marketing is time well spent when targeting only the ones who are interested in your product or service. Serve the fish what they like.
  • When was the last time you walked into the store and knew exactly how much you were going to spend? It’s not likely that you can predict your marketing spend, except for when using PPC. In terms of pay per click marketing, you only pay for what fits your budget. You’re the master, you make the decisions, Orion Sol Consulting listens and helps optimize your budget.
  • Now, think about the last time you walked into the store and knew exactly how much you were going to spend down to the penny…almost never! Let pay per click reports be your marketing map and help them guide you, track conversions and even help discover new audiences. And of course, track your ROI down to the penny.
  • We live in an era where everyone wants results yesterday. Pay per click marketing is with the times, it converts fast and increase website traffic instantly.

The sea is big big place, the Orion Sol Consulting team will narrow it down and only attract only the people that will make you money!

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