The world has a large footprint but social media has connected us all. Millennials may have made social media popular but genius marketers have taken it a step further and have completely optimized social media platforms for business.

Imagine it was the year 1970 and you visited a town with a small population where there were two options for dinner, one grocery store or market and a bowling alley. Forty years ago the people who lived in that small town were most likely wearing handmade clothing and had a simple life. Fast forward to today, you visit that same town and it might be a little more populated and there might be a few more conveniences but the people were wearing brand names and of course now have cell phones.

Today, news, brands, trends and information are available to nearly everyone and social media enables that information to travel very quickly.

It’s not just for millennials or trendsetters, social media marketing is profitable.

Social Media for Brand Awareness

How do you communicate your product or service to the public? Next time you pick up your phone take note of the apps you open. It’s extremely hard to not open a social app, so why wouldn’t you market your business utilizing platforms that are literally in-front of your prospects. In the modern day, it’s almost more challenging to have a business that goes unnoticed.

From deserted lands to the city of Tokyo messages, posts and ads can be delivered and seen. While most businesses are on social media, not all are optimizing it and using platforms to earn business. The social media ninjas as Orion Sol Consulting have a background in social media and can make your brand seen on social media by your target market.

Hire a team to manage your social brand today!

Social Media for Content Strategy

We hear it all the time that businesses are proud that they are publishing content and blogs three times per week, that’s a great start, is it converting into business? This scenario is very similar to baking. You’re baking a cake and add an extra cup of chocolate to make it extra decadent yet after you take the cake out of the oven, you notice that the cake is as hard as a rock and is burnt on top. Similar to content strategy, it’s great to create extra content (and add extra chocolate to your cake) but if it’s not promoted and seen by those that can relate to it won’t make any impact on your sales pipeline or lead quota (aka, the cake is burnt). Social media can be very impactful if used correctly in your content strategy.

Social Media for Lead Generation and Sales

You open up Amazon and search for a new spatula, you decide not to purchase it and now all you see on your Facebook feed are other nifty spatulas…good thing you didn’t buy the first one you saw! That’s social media at its finest. Your customers are out there, you just need to deliver the offer to them, on the platforms that they are utilizing on a daily basis. Your neighbor’s kids can teach you how to use social media as a user. The professionals at Orion Sol Consulting will guide your social media strategy to help you generate leads for your business.

Social Media for Customer Retention

Congratulations, you bought a new fancy TV only to find that the setup manual doesn’t address your specific problem and you write a nasty post on all your social media outlets and tag the manufacturer because you’re so mad. Just like individual reputations, businesses have online reputations to maintain. Be where your customers are, help them, interact with them and next time a prospect goes to research your businesses hashtag, make it noticeable that your customer service is like a breath of fresh air.

Next time you’re on social media, pay attention to the posts and ads you see, that could be your business… it’s within arm’s reach.

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