Just as you protect your most valuable assets, you have to protect your brand. In the olden days when there wasn’t internet or phones, messages traveled relatively quickly for lack of modern technology. However, in the modern day news travels in a matter of just minutes. A professional bodyguard is tasked to protect their celebrity, they speak to media, they ensure their celebrity is heading in the right place and they plan, this is what the Orion Sol Consulting team does when managing public relations.

Through the mass crowds of paparazzi and fans, you act as the celebrity and the team at Orion Sol Consulting job works to ensure you make your way to the limo in one piece. While you made it to your destination safely, there was a lot of creativity that went into a successful ride, similar to PR service, Orion Sol Consulting works with you to plan, write and properly distribute press releases.

Product Launches

If you are about to embark on a product launch where you want to shout it from the rooftops that your product will solve all the problems of the world. Having a PR team that has the means to craft a story and utilize their channels to get people talking is key to a good launch. PR strategy creation is essential for a product launch and is often overlooked by companies who are focused on the product and its technicalities.


Or perhaps your company is acquiring a new business that is key to taking you to the next level. Getting this news out to the press so that they can echo your news to major publications will be prevalent to making sure the right news is in the right hands, eliminating any speculation.

Orion has built the connections in several industries to ensure that when your business is in need of boosting their story we can call on the relationships we have built for your benefit. What good is a great story if it is not getting the attention that it deserves? Let Orion help you craft that story and put it into the trusting hands of the media after articulating it to its most flattering state.

Negative Press

Now imagine that celebrity didn’t have such a good experience, fans were yelling or paparazzi took it a step too far, how would the bodyguard act? You must have the expertise to turn around particularly negative stories and translate them into positive media stories.

Your business could experience some negative press via a lawsuit, a faulty news story, a viral social media story involving your business or by some other means in the fast moving digital world we live in today. These scenarios require instant attention from your business to ensure your reputation stays squeaky clean. In situations like these, it is imperative to take steps to repair and combat the press right away. Getting together a formal statement, responding to the onslaught of negativity and getting your company in front of mass media is what a professional PR team can offer. Orion Sol Consulting is a team of wordsmiths, let us be your businesses bodyguard.


Where does the message live? If you are Kim Kardashian and are looking to redeem yourself after a particularly harmful piece of media that was released, you would not announce it on Knowing your audience is key to understanding where to reach them when disaster strikes. We will help you build the strategy which includes getting the right audience for your message.

We are no longer living during a time where horse and buggy are the main mode of transportation, sure some of the population still ride them but most drive fast cars…and the faster they are, the better! So why should public messages be any different, the Orion Sol Consulting PR team will get the information out quick. If you really do want to get the message out to the select few that do still drive horse and buggies, the team has media relationships so that your message will get in-front of the right audience.

Nothing propels a company’s brand awareness like PR! Local News, Trade or Industry publications, and National News can all have a powerful part to play in helping your business grow and thrive. Let us help you by building up some solid strategies and writing appealing media releases.

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