5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in Phoenix

Are you ready to explore new digital marketing strategies for your small business in Phoenix? Welcome to the year 2020 where it is finally your year to take charge of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing for your small business in Phoenix might seem overwhelming and hard to pinpoint where to begin. Small, proven steps will help ease your business into the digital age. 

To start the new year off just right, here are 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in Phoenix.


  • Create content that people actually want to share.

    Some small businesses are not creating content at all. Some small businesses are creating low-quality content. Both are bad options. So, how do you create content that people will actually want to share? You do this: 


  • Get a reaction. Play on the emotions of your audience with your content. Emotion will get a reaction. People will be more inclined to share your content if they laughed their butt off or shed a tear. 
  • Creep your competition. Spying on your competition is an age-old trick. Use it as inspiration to see what gets noticed or goes untouched. 
  • Time it right. Hot topics and news that is important to your industry is also a great way to approach your content. 
  • Make it practical. Having content that is practical and useful to your audience will also help get more shares. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. What interests them? Why would they want to share your content? Put value into your content and it will get shared. 
  • Tell a story. A great way to engage your audience is to tell a story in relation to your topic. Get creative and descriptive. 


  • Is your small business mobile friendly?

    Your website’s usability on both mobile devices and desktop computers is very important to the success of your small business. Many small business owners fail to realize that you must optimize your website in a different manner to make it mobile-friendly. 

Why is this crucial? According to statista.com, over 52% of website traffic in 2018 came directly from a mobile device. That number will continue to rise. Do you want to leave over 50% of your potential target audience using a mediocre platform to view your brand or product? The answer should be a resounding ‘no!!’ Get with your web designer to see if they know how to improve your mobile-friendly ability.


  • Use Google Adwords

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    A very effective tool (albeit at times expensive) for your small business to grow is Google Adwords. When it works, it works very well.

    The point of using Google Adwords is to deliver relevant search results to people searching for things related to your product. Combined with utilizing proper on-page SEO, you can make huge waves. The ad you choose to use on Adwords will be assigned a score that is dependent on your Click Through Rate (CTR), relevance and the landing page you created just for your ad. This score will ultimately determine your bid rate that will allow this ad to be displayed among the others. The higher your score, the lower your bid will cost. When you can put spend towards Good Adwords, you will see increased traffic that has the potential to convert into sales.



  • Put organic social media into production


At this point, a small business in Phoenix cannot survive without social media. It has almost become the new storefront. And trust us, if your audience cannot find you on social media, they will turn to your competitor who is there.

The key is to identify your customers and which platforms they are using. For the most part, Facebook is a no-brainer. Other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram vary by industry as to which is best suited for your customer base. 

The most important thing to remember in order to gain organic social media traction is that you must create meaningful content that is diverse. This means that your social media platforms are not 100% marketing your product or brand. Of course, you will inevitably market your product, but make sure you always mix it up with other posts that your audience will find engaging.

How can organic social media content improve digital marketing?

Organic social media marketing is very important for the following reasons:

  • It’s free! What small business doesn’t like free marketing? The game, however, is slow and steady. You can also choose to use ads when you are ready to amplify your platform. 
  • Creates social proof. Your audience will search your business by gleaning over your social media to see what you are saying and how other people are interacting. They will take reviews, overall page likes and how your company interacts with followers into consideration.
  • Opens the door. When you do social media just right, your audience will share your posts. When your posts are shared, it opens the door to their social media network and the ball continues to roll.



  • Amplify your email marketing

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    Email marketing is quite possibly the best way to nurture your leads into a future sale. Some leads need more convincing and the opportunity to buy from your small business in Phoenix.

    If you lack email marketing or do not have a good system in place, do not fret. You must start by creating an irresistible offer or what is referred to as a “lead magnet.” This is given out in exchange for an email address. A coupon, free digital download or a free trial are some great examples of lead magnets.

    Once you have your emails rounded up, you can then proceed to showcase your company’s authority and credibility in the industry. Become a trusted brand for your audience. 



Bottom Line

When it comes to digital marketing strategies for small businesses in Phoenix, there’s no shortage of options. This is just a glimpse of what you can do in 2020 to spark the digital effort for your brand or product. These strategies are proven to work when done with consistency.