5 Benefits to Hiring Orion Sol Consulting for your Marketing Campaigns In Phoenix

Let’s face it, small business owners in Phoenix often struggle to produce highly functioning and highly successful marketing campaigns. We’ve seen it all, from businesses that have barely tried to create an online presence, to those that have duped by slick salesmen that delivered subpar results.

To get to the point, we do not promise what we cannot deliver. Our approach is to find out who you are as a business, what goals you want to reach and provide a reasonable strategy for hitting those goals. You want to work with Orion Sol Consulting to hit those goals and gain the following benefits for your marketing campaign.

We’re kinda nerdy

So maybe the word ‘nerd’ was not on your list of adjectives you would use to describe your marketing team. However, nerd is what fits us. We like numbers, analyzing data, creating presentations and making things go round. We are really the nerds of small business marketing and the kind of nerds you want on your team.

Nerds are basically perfectionists. We strive to make sure every detail is gone over with a fine tooth comb. No stone goes unturned. We are driven by results and your success. 


We Have That Personal Touch

The Orion Sol Consulting team will give you the personal touch you are looking for. We answer emails, we answer our phones, your small business will not be ghosted by our team. We value communication and that is how the deadlines are reached.

Your marketing campaign in Phoenix needs fine attention to detail and that is what we deliver. Being available and accessible is very important to the success of your small business. If your small business is not successful, neither will we. 

We Have The Experience

The entire Orion Sol Consulting team has tons of experience with marketing campaigns in Phoenix that span across many industries. Whether you need a website, content writing, ppc, social media or a combination of things, our team has the experience to get it done.

Leading the way, owner and CEO, Forest Moriarty has spent more than a decade building the success of small business marketing campaigns in Phoenix. He left industry titans to create his own team. In doing so, he chose to only work with freelance workers. His firm is successful and cost-effective because the most experienced people are the ones working on projects.

The marketing campaign industry secret for large corporations is using interns. Big firms will have you pay big bucks for work that is actually done by people with very little experience. While everyone needs to start somewhere, you can rest assured that only experienced professionals are working on your marketing campaign in Phoenix at Orion Sol Consulting. 

We Are Local

If your small business is in Phoenix, you will see our bright and shining faces in person. There’s no need for Skype, chat groups or long distance calls. We will meet you, your team and take a physical look at your space. It helps us get to know you and what you do. We do not want to start a new project before knowing exactly what we are working with. 

Our Clients Have Nice Things to Say

Being able to have your phone ring off the hook or your Facebook page explode with followers is what we live for, but none of it is worth any time if our clients are not happy. Fortunately, our clientele has nice things to say about how we have managed their marketing campaign in Phoenix and what it has done for their business.

For example:

“The Orion Sol Consulting team is worth their weight in gold, by far one of the best decisions we have made as a company was to work with them for our entire cohesive marketing and PR campaigns from SEO to social media, content, brand development, the BEST LOCAL TEAM you will find.”
-Nicole Swartwout, CEO of Callsafe


“Professional and attentive experts. They really care, and understand PR, branding, digital marketing and more. I highly recommend them to anyone.”
-Fred Mercaldo, Founder and CEO of City Brand Media

Bottom Line

Choosing Orion Sol Consulting for your marketing campaign in Phoenix is an easy choice. The benefits are second to none and you will get that personal attention you deserve. If you want your small business to showcase successful marketing campaigns, you only need one team and that is the Orion Sol Consulting team.