How to use paid media to build the perfect targeted audience for your small business in Phoenix

With nearly 3.5 billion people using social media day in and day out, there is no reason why your small business in Phoenix should not be using these platforms to your advantage. As you might already be well aware, using social media to market your brand also comes with its challenges. While you can start off by using it for free by making cutesy posts and hoping to attract a crowd, the real work comes when you add a few dollars to your efforts.

As with any marketing efforts, a paid media approach to build your perfect targeted audience only means that you have attracted people to your social media platforms. What you do next makes all the difference for your small business in Phoenix. Here is how to snag your target audience and essentially keep them coming back for more. 


  1. Expand your market
    Your paid social media efforts mean that it is time to start opening up your market and targeting consumers that may take some time to buy. Of course, you want to snag the ideal customer, ready with a credit card in hand.

    However, the other – slower to buy consumers should not be left out. They may want to see your pricing structure, product reviews and make a better thought out decision. This type of customer can also lead to a loyal purchaser who keeps coming back for more. 
  2. Get creative with content
    Grabbing the attention of your targeted audience requires a little more finesse these days. Cat videos still get a lot of likes and shares, but your brand goes beyond a funny clip (and how many cat videos can you really share in a day)?

    Your content needs to be described as motivating, entertaining, thoughtful, unique with diversity. If your posts are not getting likes, comments and/or shares, then you are likely doing it wrong. A way to start looking at your social media posts is to really get to know your customers. What would they find interesting, inspiring and helpful? Keep it short and consider if you would share your very own posts!

    Other important aspects of social media to use for your targeted audience include: 
  • Contests: A super-easy way to boost your engagement and potential likes and shares is to hold contests. These can be things like comment to win, caption contest, fill in the blank, photo contest, etc. There has been great success when you have your staff face-off with customers. It can get really fun and entertaining.

    Tips for a successful contest include: having a prize that directly relates to your brand, promote the contest everywhere (i.e. all social media platforms, your website, etc.), follow the rules and use other entrants as a way to open the door for further communication. 
  • Visuals: Visual media is 40 times more likely to get shared, so it is a no-brainer to always include an eye-catching graphic with each post you make.  
  • Videos: Hands down, video is the most engaging type of media you can post on your social media platforms. Try to get comfortable with going live, showing the world how your brand works, etc. There is a ton you can do with video to increase your reach, engagement, and exposure.  
  • Stories
    Trending big time on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp are stories. This is your chance to show the relaxed and approachable side of your brand. Stories are very temporary, but provide a fun way to see an unfiltered, unadulterated aspect of your business. You can snap an in the moment shot, a fun boomerang or just turn on the camera and start talking about the day.

    The goal here is to build that personal bond and trust with your consumers. You can also feature real customers or real products being made on the spot. It is a super fun way to boost your social media interactions. 

3. Pair PPC with Organic content
Perhaps one of the best ways to approach your paid targeted audience with your small business in Phoenix is to ensure you combine it with proper PPC and organic content. These things flow together like sharp cheese and dry wine. You might use a paid ad to attract people to you, but you have to keep that relationship going with the following high-value content:


  • How-to videos
  • Tips and tricks for your target audience
  • How your brand makes life easier
  • Your trending products
  • Customer reviews, quotes, hacks, and lifesavers

4. Build a relationship with your audience
Consumers are looking at your brand for commitment and honesty. If you can’t show that, they will bounce faster than a tennis ball. You must showcase your brand’s authority, but also attract your base by having regular interaction with them as well.

  • Polls: Perhaps you pick a trending topic to poll your followers or just a simple question to get them thinking. It is a great engagement tool that should be used.  
  • Get emotional: One of the top reasons why people share social media posts is because they became emotional. They want other people to feel what they felt. Use this to your advantage.  
  • Encourage tagging: It is ok to ask your followers to tag someone who might benefit from your post. Encourage them to tell all their friends.  
  • Trending topics: Current events get a lot of attention, quickly. Keeping up to date on the news can keep your audience coming back for more.  
  • Answer your messages: Your audience expects that you will respond to your messages instantly. Keep up with your messages and your audience will appreciate it.

    5. Work with social media experts

    Let’s be honest, social media ads and audience targeting are complex for your small business in Phoenix. There are a lot of moving parts. It is no wonder that marketing agencies, like Orion Sol Consulting, get a lot of requests for just this very topic. We can take your brand to the next level, combing the PPC and organic posts to gain the followers and brand authority you are searching for.