Why Hire A Content Writer?

So you’re a small business owner and working hard to master the skills of internet marketing. It sounds easy right? Just write a few blogs with some SEO components, share a few things on social media, research all the popular hashtags people are using for your industry, rewrite that old content on your website, etc, etc. But, before you know it, it’s already the end of the end of the week and you’ve barely brain stormed a blog topic, let alone worked on that Facebook live video you’ve been planning. If this sounds like your current situation, then you definitely need to hire a content writer.

When you add up all the different things you need written, you will find that your time is better spent working on your business in other ways. Besides spending your time in much more valuable ways, there are the top reasons why you need to hire a content writer.

The expertise on SEO
Let’s face it, Google is king when it comes to content writing and search engine optimization (SEO). Your goal is to wine and dine Google into loving your content or no one is ever going to find you, and Google will make sure of that. Writing good content is not just telling a funny story or showing people how much technical mambo jambo you know about your industry. You need to place words and phrases about just precisely and know just what words to use. Your content writer will know just how to do this, how often to do this and how to make your content hit the top of the Google charts.

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Google is also annoyingly changing their criteria all the time. Good content writers will be up to date with the algorithms and know just how to make their content shine. They’ll know how to play by all the rules, even if they’ve changed since last week.

A fresh viewpoint
Content writers are not just good at writing, they are great at researching. They do not have to be an expert already in your industry (although you may find one who is), but they are usually great at researching and understanding your industry. They will be able to provide a fresh viewpoint, give your company a crisper voice and take a direction you may have never thought of.
When you get to know your content writer, you will get to know their style. Of course, you will want them to not stray too far from your goals, but hear them out. You can always gauge the engagement and response of their work versus what you’ve done in the past (also called A/B testing). Take the blinders off and let a content writer lead the way.

Get consistency
Even if you are good at writing or may know some SEO tricks, chances are your business and life gets in the way of being consistent. The whole job and goal of your content writer is to write fresh, consistent material. A good content writer will do all of this with a seamless effort. Your business needs you to do the business stuff first and foremost. This is why writing great content often gets left behind quickly.
With consistency also comes the likelihood of being noticed by people other than your potential customer base. I am talking about getting noticed by industry leaders and influencers. A single blog post could reach thousands more if an influencer grabs hold of it and shares it with their follwers. This happens often and good content writing will get shared more often. This is a great segway to networking and developing long lasting relationships that will definitely benefit your business.

Also consider that a good content writer may find areas of your website or blog that could use improvement. Simple re-writes and updates could make a huge difference.

Final Thoughts
If you are a small business owner, you are likely too busy to get serious with your content writing. It demands fresh, consistent copy that uses proper SEO techniques. Hiring a content writer means hiring a professional that can provide a new outlook and appeal to your business. Don’t be afraid to interview and research the writer beforehand, but strongly consider adding one to your small business marketing plan.